Skip Swanson

Global Team Coordinator/Professional Facilitator @Tokyo

Skip is a coach, mentor, and trainer—and Japanese/English interpreter— with over 20 years of coaching experience and 30 years of experience in the helping fields. His coaching work focuses on developing conscious leadership and personal mastery skills, including the skills of personal integrity, emotional and body wisdom, cross-cultural sensitivity, and resonant communication in both one-on-one relationships and groups. He has coached CEOs, managers, doctors, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized business owners—diverse people from multiple countries and backgrounds. He is a Director of the WakuPro Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing intercultural and leadership development opportunities to high school students around the world.

Aya Matsuyama

Global & Incubation Team Captain / Professional Facilitator @Darwin

Aya is an advocate of meaningful learning through experience; therefore, believes in the potential of her work to bring transformation to ourselves and the world. She has gained a great variety of work and cross-cultural experiences. After completing aerospace engineering degree, she started working as an engineer designing inspection devices for nuclear power plants in Japan and the U.S. at IHI. This work experience motivated her towards sustainability. Completing environmental studies in Tasmania, she worked for the Northern Territory Government to develop groundwater maps for Aboriginal communities. She has worked as a lecturer/teacher/facilitator at all levels of education.

Joel Mitchell

Global Team Coordinator/Professional Facilitator @Paris

Joel grew up in the U.S. appreciating music, the natural world, meditation, Chi Gong and bio-feedback. Completing professional performance studies in NYC, he worked for two international banks before moving to Paris in 1990 and launching a career as a singing actor. Traveling to Japan and China, he developed educational programs for international business schools networking business leaders, entrepreneurs, government and cultural institutions. He masterminded community events in Tokyo around the vision of Lynne Twist, global activist, and her Pachamama Alliance and Soul of Money Institute. Today he facilitates authentic dialogue with individuals, teams and institutions, helping them hear the essence of their true calling, and letting that move them into inspired action.

Takeshi Muranaka

Co-founder/Professional Facilitator @ Tokyo

After graduating from university, Takeshi Muranaka (Mura-san) joined IBM Japan, working as an IT engineer and project manager, and later an executive assistant to a director leading an organization of 8,000 people, where he learned global operations. He then joined IBM Business Consulting Services, where he won the IBM Business Consulting of the Year Award. He was posted to the UK and China, where he led a team of 1,000 Chinese people on a global scale. Having fought on the global front lines, he felt the limits of capitalism, with its short-sighted goal-achieving cycle and excessive emphasis on shareholder supremacy. He didn’t find himself, his team, the organization, the company working as a whole connected system. He left IBM, and in 2016, he founded Imacocollabo.

Takeo Inamura

Co-founder / Professional Facilitator @Tokyo


Ayako (Maya) Masuda

Global & Incubation Team
Administrative Manager / Master Facilitator


Junko (Zun) Kohno

Global & Incubation Team
Administrative Manager / Master Facilitator

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