An online game experience that opens the door to possibilities

About the Possible World Online Experience

Possible World is an experiential workshop that uses Zoom and an online game platform accessed through your browser.
Through game play and dialogue with other participants, we can experience various possibilities for the world and for ourselves.

The game experience is designed to create a fun and supportive environment even for those nervous about playing for the first time; play begins in small groups designed to provide a safe atmosphere to interact and experience the game.

In the game, you use various items (money, time, etc.) and take various actions to reach a given goal. Negotiating and communicating with other players is one of the most exciting aspects of the game.

The workshop can be structured in several ways – which are still evolving and changing – but the standard structure is as follows and usually takes around 3 hours.
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Participant Testimonials

“I thought it was just a game, but it was actually “my way of life.””

“I was surprised at my self-sacrificing behaviour that came out during gameplay, it was a meaningful experience to understand myself.”

“I felt it was important to find people who can expand their world and improve society while having a win-win relationship.”

Opening to the Full Spectrum of Possibilities

In order to transform ourselves and our world, we deepen our awareness of both. To access this deep level of discovery, we open the full spectrum of possibilities.  Allowing ourselves to experiment free from worry over mistakes or right answers, we experience our learning discoveries more deeply.  This process functions similarly for our understanding of the world.

In a simulation, we are free to dismantle the world and refashion it over and over. When we see the world neutrally, simply as a system, we focus on cause and effect rather than judging right and wrong. And in this process of deepening awareness, we find acceptance.

All of us have countless beliefs and assumptions, often unconscious, that colour our ability to see ourselves and the world objectively. In the open atmosphere of the game, we become aware of these assumptions about ourselves and the world.

The role of the facilitator is to consistently support unlimited possibilities. That is why Possible World facilitators continuously refine both technique (doing) and presence (being), as well as deepen their own self-awareness.

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