by Takeshi (Mura) Muranaka

Six months after the initial conception, we finally have a beta version of the Online Game!!!

There had been a call to develop an online version of the game for several years, but I was afraid that it would be impossible to recreate the power of the in-person game. Finally, this year Covid-19 pushed us into action and we have made it a reality.

The process was a lot harder than I had imagined. For a whole month it looked like it would work but didn’t, and it seemed like we were endlessly finding and getting rid of bugs. I’m profoundly glad we have finally reached the beta stage. I have nothing but gratitude for the developer (designer), Y san.

The responses from those who have tried the beta version is that there are learnings and possibilities with an online experience that are not possible with the in-person game. Some of those possibilities include comparing results with many other games and showing those results, and a great deal of other things that are only possible online.

Our testing has been mostly in-house and it will still take a while before we are ready to release it to the public, but we thought you would be interested in knowing a bit more about the process, so I decided to write about it in blog form.

By the way, here is an image of what the screen looks like right now. Isn’t it lovely!!

It will change a little bit. You’re going to love it!

(translated by Skip Swanson)

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